Window Glazing

Window glazing is the actual glass part of a window. Glazing is mounted in the window with the assistance of glazing putty and a frame which supports the glass and holds it in place. The act of replacing glass is known as "reglazing," and there are a number of reasons to reglaze a window ranging from the need to replace broken glass to a desire to outfit a window with more energy efficient glass.

The work of installing glazing was historically done by a trained Contractor (Glazier). At All American Painting & Handyman Service our specialist is focused on installing glass. Glaziers may be called upon for reglazing projects in which the original frame is to be retained. Otherwise, it's more common to purchase an entire window, which can be ordered in a custom size or configuration for special needs and fitted into place by All American. Historically, windows were single glazed with a single pane of glass.

On older homes, it is not uncommon to want to replace the glazing while retaining the original windows. It can be difficult to replicate designs such as the delicate multi-paned windows seen in older & historic homes. In these cases, a glazier may be hired to remove the old glass and replace it with double-paned glass for more efficiency.

There are many options to consider when installing window glazing beyond the energy efficient choices available to people who are concerned about energy usage. Glazing commonly comes in clear glass, but it is also available in etched, textured, or tinted glass for privacy. People can also opt for stained glass, a window glazing product designed for art which can also be used for privacy.

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